The following lists publications produced after the establishment of the Eckert lab located in the Department of Biology at Virginia Commonwealth University.


Vangestel, C., A. J. Eckert, J. L. Wegrzyn, J. B. St. Clair, and D. B. Neale. Linking phenotype, genotype and environment to unravel genetic components underlying cold hardiness in coastal Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii var. menziesii).

Grivet, D., K. Avia, A. Vaattovaarra, A. Eckert, D. Neale, O. Savolainen, and S. C. Gonzalez-Martinez. Contrasted patterns of diversity and adaptive evolution in two widespread European pines.

Eckert, A. J., D. E. Harwood, B. M. Lind, E. M. Hobson, A. Delfino Mix, P. E. Maloney, and C. J. Friedline. The genetic architecture of local adaptation II: The QTL landscape of water-use efficiency for foxtail pine (Pinus balfouriana Grev. & Balf.).

In Press or Print

Lind, B. M., C. J. Friedline, J. L. Wegrzyn, P. E. Maloney, D. R. Vogler, D. B. Neale, and A. J. Eckert. 2017. Water availability drives signatures of local adaptation in whitebark pine (Pinus albicaulis Englm.) across fine spatial scales of the Lake Tahoe Basin, USA. Molecular Ecology. In Press.

Talbot, B., T-W Chen, S. Zimmerman, S. Joost, A. J. Eckert, T. M. Crow, D. Semizer-Cuming, C. Seshadri, and S. Manel. 2017. Combining genotype, phenotype, and environment to infer potential candidate genes. Journal of Heredity 108: 207-216.

Stevens, K. A., J. Wegrzyn, A. Zimin, D. Puiu, M. Crepeau, C. Cardeno, R. Paul, D. Gonzalez-Ibeaz, M. Koriabine, A. Holtz-Morris, P. Martinez-Garcia, U. Sezen, G. Marcais, K. Jermstad, P. McGuire, C. A. Loopstra, J. M. Davis, A. J. Eckert, P. deJong, J. A. Yorke, S. L. Salzburg, D. B. Neale, and C. H. Langley. 2016. Sequence of the sugar pine megagenome. Genetics 204: 1613-1626.

Rajora, O. P., A. J. Eckert, and J. W. R. Zinck. 2016. Single-locus versus multilocus patterns of local adaptation to climate in eastern white pine (Pinus strobus, Pinaceae). PLoS ONE 11: e0158691.

Maloney, P. M., A. J. Eckert, D. R. Vogler, C. E. Jensen, A. Delfino Mix, and D. B. Neale. 2016. Landscape Biology of Western White Pine: Implications for Conservation of a Widely-Distributed Five-Needle Pine at its Southern Range Limit. Forests 7: 93.

Mosca, E., F. Gugerli, A. J. Eckert, and D. B. Neale. 2016. Signatures of natural selection on Pinus cembra and P. mugo along elevational gradients in the Alps. Tree Genetics & Genomes 12: 9.

Sork, V. L., K. Squire, P. F. Gugger, S. Steele, E. Levy, and A. J. Eckert. 2016. Landscape genomic analysis of candidate genes for climate adaptation in a California endemic oak, Quercus lobata Nee. American Journal of Botany 103: 33-46.

Rellstab, C., A. Hancock, A. Eckert, F. Gugerli, and R. Holderegger. 2015. A practical guide to environmental association analyses in landscape genomics. Molecular Ecology 24: 4348-4370.

Friedline, C. J., B. M. Lind, E. M. Hobson, D. E. Harwood, A. D. Mix, P. E. Maloney, and A. J. Eckert. 2015. The genetic architecture of local adaptation I: The genomic landscape of foxtail pine (Pinus balfouriana Grev. & Balf.) as revealed from a high-density linkage map. Tree Genetics and Genomes 11: 4.

Eckert, A. J., P. E. Maloney, D. R. Vogler, C. E. Jensen, A. Delfino Mix, and D. B. Neale. 2015. Local adaptation at fine spatial scales: an example from sugar pine (Pinus lambertiana, Pinaceae). Tree Genetics and Genomes 11: 42.

Baker, P. A., S. C. Fritz, C. W. Dick, A. J. Eckert, B. K. Horton, S. Manzoni, C. C. Ribas, C. N. Garzione, and D. S. Battisti. 2014. The emerging field of geogenomics: constraining geological problems with genetic data. Earth-Science Reviews 135: 38-47.

DeGiorgio, M., J. Syring, A. J. Eckert, A. I. Liston, R. Cronn, D. B. Neale, and N. A. Rosenberg. 2014. An empirical evaluation of species tree inference strategies using a multilocus data set from North American pines. BMC Evolutionary Biology 14: 67.

Eckert, A. J., J. L. Wegrzyn, J. D. Liechty, J. M. Lee, W. P. Cumbie, J. M. Davis, B. Goldfarb, C. A. Loopstra, S. R. Palle, T. Quesada, C. H. Langley, and D. B. Neale. 2013. The evolutionary genetics of the genes underlying phenotypic associations for loblolly pine (Pinus taeda, Pinaceae). Genetics 195: 1353-1372.

Bashalkhanov, S., A. J. Eckert, and O. P. Rajora. 2013. Genetic signatures of natural selection in response to air pollution in red spruce (Picea rubens, Pinaceae). Molecular Ecology 22: 5877-5889.

Eckert, A. J., A. D. Bower, K. D. Jermstad, J. L. Wegrzyn, B. J. Knauss, J. V. Syring, and D. B. Neale. 2013. Multilocus analyses reveal little evidence for lineage wide adaptive evolution within major clades of soft pines (Pinus subgenus Strobus). Molecular Ecology 22: 5635-5650.

Palle, S. R., C. M. Seeve, A. J. Eckert, J. L. Wegrzyn, D. B. Neale, C. A. Loopstra. 2013. Association of loblolly pine xylem development gene expression with single nucleotide polymorphisms. Tree Physiology 33: 763-774.

Sork, V. L., S. N. Aitken, R. J. Dyer, A. J. Eckert, P. Legendre, and D. B. Neale. 2013. Putting the landscape into the genomics of forest trees: Approaches for understanding local adaptation and population responses to a changing climate. Tree Genetics and Genomes 9: 901-911.

Mosca, E., A. J. Eckert, E. Di Pierro, D. Rocchini, N. La Porta, P. Belletti, and D. B. Neale. 2012. The geographical and environmental determinants of genetic diversity for four alpine conifers of the European Alps. Molecular Ecology 21: 5530-5545.

Eckert, A. J., H. Shahi, S. L. Datwyler, and D. B. Neale. 2012. Spatially variable natural selection and the divergence between parapatric subspecies of lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta, Pinaceae). American Journal of Botany 99: 1323-1334.

Chen, J., T. Kallman, X. Ma, N. Gyllenstrand, G. Zaina, M. Morgante, J. Bousquet, A. Eckert, J. Wegrzyn, D. Neale, U. Lagercrantz and M. Lascoux. 2012. Disentangling the roles of history and local selection in shaping clinal variation of allele frequencies and gene expression for photoperiodic genes in Norway spruce (Picea abies). Genetics 191: 865-881.

Eckert, A. J. and R. J. Dyer. 2012. Defining the landscape of adaptive genetic diversity. Molecular Ecology 21: 2836-2838. (commentary).

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Eckert, A. J., J. L. Wegrzyn, W. P. Cumbie, B. Goldfarb, D. A. Huber, V. Tolstikov, O. Fiehn, and D. B. Neale. 2012. Association genetics of the loblolly pine (Pinus taeda, Pinaceae) metabolome. New Phytologist 193: 890-902.

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